Our Cats

Although the Club is relatively new, 11 of our cats have so far achieved Full Merit status, having earned 4 Merits from 4 different judges, 2 have 3, 1 has 2 and 5 have 1 (updated 06/22). The photos below are shown in that order.

Macan de Midilys was the first to be awarded a Merit, and Melkelter Nancy Nicolina was the first UK bred cat to get a Merit. Jay de l’Etoile du Soir was the first Chartreux to be awarded Overall Best in Show.

Merits are important because cats of a Preliminary Status breed like the Chartreux cannot enter Championship classes at cat shows. They are instead shown in Assessment Classes, where each cat is assessed individually against its Standard of Points ‘Breed Standard’. If the judge considers that the cat conforms to the Standard of Points, a Merit is awarded. When our club has 15 cats with 4 Merits each, we can apply to GCCF for Full Recognition and Championship Status.

As the majority of our kittens are sold as pets and the new owners have shown little interest in taking their pets to cat shows, it has mainly been the breeders who have shown their own cats.  But, if you think that this is something you might like to do, please see the page ‘Showing your Chartreux’.