Welcome to Chartreux Cat Club UK!

Our aim is to introduce and establish this delightful cat here in the UK.

Although little known here, the French Chartreux is a very old breed and unusually today’s cat has changed very little from its ancestors.

It is a large, handsome, muscular cat with a dense double coat of greyish-blue fur. Slow to mature, males take 4-5 years to fully mature and females 3-4 years, the males are much larger and more thickset than the females who are often much more dainty and more finely boned. They are much heavier than they look, but don’t let that fool you. These are agile, supple cats with extremely quick reflexes capable of catching a flying object out of the air. Many owners will tell you that their houses are spider and insect free thanks to the sharp golden eyes and hunting prowess of their resident Chartreux. Another particularly endearing aspect of the Chartreux is its sweet, smiling expression.

Chartreux are amiable companions, highly intelligent, calm and adaptable. They are sometimes described as being ‘dog-cats’, they can learn to fetch a ball (if they can be bothered), they tend to bond with one person in the household, unobtrusively following them around (even into the bathroom) and they are always ready for a scratch behind the ears or a nuzzle. They like routine, keeping their own schedule, which may even include reminding their owners at exactly the right time that it is now time for their dinner.

These lovable and loving cats deserve to be more widely recognised and their adorable qualities more widely known.