Because there are so few Chartreux in the UK, we only know of two from the same household that needed to be rehomed. In that case, the cats each found a new loving home. This is in keeping with our ethical breeding policy where in exceptional circumstances or need, our breeders will accept their kittens back, or cats are rehomed with people on our kitten waiting list or rehoming list.

If you did not buy your cat from one of our Club’s Breeders, but its paperwork is in order and identifies you as the owner, we will do our best to help you find your Chartreux a new home.

As the UK Chartreux population grows, we will monitor the possible need for a wider rehoming service.

I adopted a cat… is it a Chartreux?

We are often asked if an adopted, or rehomed cat could possibly be a Chartreux. Given their rarity and value, whilst it’s not entirely impossible, it is most unlikely. We follow the advice given by UK Trading Standards, which is that ‘to describe a cat as a Chartreux, it must have all the correct paperwork to prove it’.

At the end of the day, if you have fallen in love with a ‘paperless furry friend’ from the local rescue centre, what does it matter that it isn’t a Chartreux? Just love it and enjoy its company.