The Chartreux Cat Club UK was founded in October 2015 with the purpose of promoting and establishing the Chartreux as a breed in the UK.

We have worked hard over the past few years to attain Preliminary Recognition from the GCCF for the Chartreux in October 2017. We are now working on securing Full Recognition and Championship Status!

We are also active in all matters related to our cats including to:

  • safeguard the wellbeing of the Chartreux as a breed.
  • encourage responsible cat-owning and breeding of Chartreux here in the UK.
  • participate in any initiatives which protect and advance the interests of the Chartreux breed.
  • promote the compassionate care and welfare of all cats.

    Although we are only a small club, our members are passionate about their Chartreux and are only too willing to offer help and advice to all Chartreux owners and prospective owners.

    New members are always welcome. Please go to Join Now in the Club Membership section.