Buying a Chartreux Kitten

Chartreux are wonderful companions and with their good looks, intelligence and amiable personality it is not surprising that they are quite sought after as pets. They are considered to be one of the healthiest cat breeds with little to no genetic issues.

But, you should also be aware that Chartruex are long-lived and are considered to be indoor cats. They do enjoy going outside but they should not be permitted to roam freely. With their double-coat they do need to be brushed regularly, especially unneutered males can grow quite large with a thick fur coat to match! Also given that they do tend to form bonds with humans, they do appreciate their humans’ company (even if they dont always show it).

As with all rare and expensive animals there is the risk that they could be exploited by unscrupulous breeders and sellers so we strongly recommend that you follow the GCCF kitten buying guidelines before commiting to such an expensive purchase. Our club fully supports their ‘Responsible Breeding – Responsible Buying’ ethos.

Here is a link to the GCCF’s Kitten Buying page for easy reference

Naming your kitten

As the parents of the first UK bred kittens were registered with LOOF (the French equivalent of GCCF) and named after their system, we have adopted this system also for the kittens born in the UK to acknowledge their French heritage. Kittens born in the same year have names beginning with the same letter. The letters rotate through the alphabet each year: A-I, J+K, L-O, P+Q, R-U, V+W+X+Y+Z (some letters are grouped together as the choice of names beginning with these letters is limited. The letter for 2019 is P or Q.

Lucy’s Law

You may know that Lucy’s Law is due to come into force on the 6th of April 2020?

The law is named after a Cavalier King Charles spaniel called Lucy, who died in 2016 after being poorly treated on a puppy farm. She had been forced to breed several times a year and her puppies were taken away from her at just four weeks old. When found she was severely malnourished, she was in poor health and her body worn out from so many pregnancies. Her terrible treatment sparked a nationwide campaign to stop the unethical trade in puppies and kittens.

Lucy’s Law will ban the sale of puppies and kittens by third parties. The law will require animals to be born and reared in a safe environment, with their mother, and to be sold from their place of birth. It will ensure anyone buying or adopting a kitten under six months old deals directly with the breeder or an animal rehoming centre, rather than a pet shop or other commercial dealer.

The ban, which will apply to England, is also designed to deter smugglers who abuse the Pet Travel Scheme to bring young animals into the UK to be sold for financial gain.

Our club fully supports Lucy’s Law and its purpose. Please follow the GCCF guidelines if you want to buy a new kitten.