Success at the GCCF Supreme Cat Show 2019 for our Madam Secretary

We are thrilled that our very own Madam Secretary Gwen Phillips, together her husband Paul, won the GCCF Supreme Champion 2019 title with their Russian Blue, Melkelter Galiya Gertruda (Gertie).

Their Chartreux kitten, Melkelter Petite Petronia (Pebbles) was nominated reserve in the Best of Variety Section 3 class.

Gwen has always been a staunch supporter of the Chartreux here in the UK. She is a founding member of the Chartreux Cat Club UK and its breeding programme, and has bred a number of beautiful Chartreux kittens. In addition, she has generously shared her knowledge and expertise supporting our new breeders and owners. Her success is very well-deserved.

We look forward to seeing a Chartreux supreme champion one day.