Newsletter 01/21


This is the first Newsletter sent to club members and to people who have shown an interest in the Chartreux cats. We plan to send out more when we have new litters and when the shows start again. We hope that you find this update about the club of interest. If you have suggestions about what you would like to be included in these mailings, please let the club know by email.

Our breeders have been affected by the pandemic but still managed to breed and register 25 kittens with GCCF in 2020. That is 13 down on 2019 as one of the breeders took a year off for family reasons. This year we hope to have 6-8 litters and 10+ in 2022.

There was a change of club officers last autumn and we like to thank the previous officers for their great work in getting the club off the ground and for setting up a very successful breeding programme. Caroline and John Vincent took over the Secretary’s and Chairman’s rolls respectively on a temporary basis and Goran Nilsson is now the Treasurer. Despite not having enough members, we have been allowed to apply for full membership of the GCCF. We then have to form a committee normally of 8 members including the officers, but because of our low membership, we will be allowed to have a smaller committee. If you are interested in taking over as Secretary or Chairman or becoming a committee member, please contact the club at the email address above. No previous experience is necessary as coaching will be provided from a very friendly community of like-minded people. Our Constitution and Club Rules document can be found in the Membership section on our website.

We also want to apply to GCCF for Championship Status for the Chartreux, but we need 15 cats with 4 Merit Certificates each. You can read about it on our website in section ‘Our Cats’ under ‘Cat Shows’. However, there were only a few shows at the beginning of the last year and they will not return before June this year. Therefore, we have not been able to take the cats who haven’t got all their Merit Certificates to assessment classes.

Our Facebook group has now over 950 members, quite a few from the US, but many from the UK and other parts of the world. It has become an international forum for the Chartreux breed and we have helped people outside Central Europe to find ‘local breeders’ and we have breeder members from Bolivia via Russia to Japan.

Kind regards