Registering Merits

Gwen Phillips is the club’s Registrar of awarded Merits. Please email Gwen and notify her when your cat has been awarded a Merit along with the following information:

  • The cat’s full pedigree name.
  • The name of the show and the date it was held.
  • The name of the judge who awarded the Merit.

Each cat needs 4 Merits, only 2 of these 4 can be gained as a kitten up to 9 months old, and all 4 must be from different judges.

When entering your cat in shows, please try to pick different judges for the Miscellaneous Classes to give as many judges as possible the chance to get to meet the Chartreux.

We need 15 cats with 4 Merits each to be able to apply for Championship Status for the Chartreux.