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UPDATE ON UK BREED KITTENS 2017….this year so far

Two litters have been born this year in the UK (and one last year) – Astonishingly all 3 litters have consisted of 5 kittens ….and all only 1 boy and 4 girls!

Mystique & 5 kittens        Maddison & 5 kittens

 All the UK breed kittens have been sold, but please feel free to email us on the Contact Us tab.

As the parents of the first UK bred kittens were registered with LOOF (the French equivalent of GCCF) and named after their system, we have adopted this system also for the kittens born in the UK. Kittens born in the same year have names beginning with the same letter. The letters rotate through the alphabet each year: A-I, J+K, L-O, P+Q, R-U, V+W+X+Y+Z (some letters are grouped together as the choice of names beginning with these letters is limited. The letter for 2017 is N.