Buying Kittens from Abroad

It is possible to import kittens from abroad, but we would recommend that you still follow the advice given on our ‘Buying a Charteux Kitten’ page with regard to checking out the seller. In particular, we strongly advise that you do your own research and satisfy yourself as to the health and well being of any particular kitten that you may wish to buy, and that you check the individual Cattery for your own peace of mind.

Pedigree Chartreux born and bred abroad can be registered with the GCCF so long as they have the correct documentation. The GCCF has a very useful page which sets out what they will require depending on the circumstances. It also includes a very useful link to request a personalised list of what you will need according to breed.

The GCCF website also sets out what additional requirements are needed depending on where you are importing the kitten from. Their information is supplemented by the UK Government’s website which provides additional detail

Importing from Europe

Most of the first generation of UK Chartreux Cats were imported from France which pre-Brexit relies upon the Pet Passport Scheme

Reputable foreign breeders will usually arrange for the relevant paperwork and for the Pet Passport to be issued.

All cats must be microchipped and their microchip number must match that shown in their passport.

All kittens imported into the UK must be vaccinated against Rabies. They must be at least 12 weeks old before they can be vaccinated and then you must wait at least 21 days for the vaccine to work.

Your pet’s vaccination record in their passport must show:

  • your pet’s date of birth
  • microchip number, date it was put in or read, and where it is on your pet’s body
  • vaccination date
  • vaccine manufacturer and product name, for example Nobivac
  • vaccine batch number
  • date the vaccination is valid until
  • the vet’s signature and contact details

Your kitten will normally carry on staying with the breeder until the rabies injection has taken effect, so therefore prompt collection at the end of this extra period is appreciated.

The price of kittens is based on their blood lines and the Show Status of the parents and their ancestors. High pedigree kittens usually cost 950-1000 Euros which includes the standard vaccinations, microchipping, rabies vaccination and passport.

We regret that as a Club we are unable to get involved in the importation of kittens however some of our members may be happy to share their personal experiences of breeders with whom they have dealt. In particular, Goran Nilsson, who was the founder of our Club, still maintains contacts with a number of breeders abroad and on a personal basis he may be able to help you find an appropriate reputable breeder.

The French Naming System

As most of the kittens will be registered with LOOF (the French equivalent of GCCF), the naming of the kittens will follow their system. Kittens born in the same year have names beginning with the same letter. The letters rotate through the alphabet each year: A-I, J+K, L-O, P+Q, R-U, V+W+X+Y+Z (some letters are grouped together as the choice of names beginning with these letters is limited. The letter for 2019 is P or Q.

The UK Chartreux Cat Club has also adopted this system for kittens born in the UK in recognition of our cat’s heritage.

Lucy’s Law

Lucy’s Law, which comes into effect in April 2020, bans the purchase of puppies and kittens from third party sellers and this applies to kittens born in the UK and also to those born abroad. You should ensure that you are buying directly from the breeder and not from a third party. Only buy if you are competely satisfied with your identity checks


Please note that the Chartreux Cat Club UK cannot officially get involved with the importation of kittens from abroad and that the club cannot be held responsible for any kitten purchased.